We LED the way..

We are a creative team of professionals started operating in 2008 with LED lights import. Today, having our own offices based in China, we managed to Make Imports Simple while successfully providing our customers with quality products & services that meet their expectations.

Our people in China visit the factories regularly, and build successful long lasting relationships with the factory owners. We communicate and negotiate with the factories person in person as well as coordinate any specifications, inspections and import procedures before the product reaches the point of delivery.

LED Lighting Solutions

LED lighting is by far the most power-saving (up to 80%), clean, smart, long lasting (up to 5000 hrs) and eco-friendly solution.

We at Prospect Trading are focused on high efficient eco-friendly lighting LED products & solutions for industrial places, roads, warehouses, stadiums, offices, public places, cars, motorbikes and vessels. Our experienced team provides professional Design & High Tech Lighting Solutions, technical support & quality assurance.

Why choose us ?

✔ Real time production monitoring

✔ Working with certidied LED manufacturers

✔ Continuous Research & Development

✔ Ensuring the lowest prices with the best quality